Lindau for Legislature

District 17 deserves an independent voice in Lincoln.


Lindau for Legislature.

As your senator, I will explore incentives that help entrepreneurs and small businesses succeed in rural Nebraska. I will ensure rural school districts have the funding they need to prepare our kids for the future and find a property tax relief proposal that is equitable for all Nebraskans.


Nebraska relies more heavily on local property taxes to fund schools than most other states. We need an education finance system that fosters quality, fairness and equity and is less reliant on property taxes. A review of the entire school finance system would allow Nebraska to create a common statewide vision for education while maintaining strong local control of schools.


Low and middle-income Nebraskans pay a higher portion of their income in taxes. Reforming tax expenditures and expanding the sales tax could be solutions to reducing the state’s reliance on property taxes to fund key services.

Economic Development

I would work to extend broadband services across the state. We should take advantage of public/private partnerships wherever possible to build more affordable housing units. We must continue to invest in the roads and infrastructure necessary for economic growth and expansion.

Health Care

Access to high quality health care helps keep Nebraska residents working and thriving. Dakota County, Thurston County and a portion of Wayne County were federally designated as primary care shortage areas in 2017. Plans should be made to address these shortages before they become critical.

Let’s make “The Good Life” of Nebraska a reality for everyone and work to preserve it for future generations.


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